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"Foods Worth Co Ltd" was incorporated in February 2012, which took over the operations of "Maubon Foods Mfg" Co Ltd which started in food processing business in 1993. "Foods Worth Co Ltd" was created to explore and specialise in processing, transformation and value addition and exports of local fresh vegetables and tropical fruits. Foods Worth Co Ltd started with the processing and transformation of local fresh banana fruit into “Banana Chips” and gradually diversified its operations to other vegetables and fruits.

The company started operation as a micro-business entity in a small building of 160 square feet in Union Park, Mauritius with a workforce of two employees only and raw materials of 500 kg (raw bananas per month) with the then sales revenues being only able to cover the cost of production and distribution/marketing. Through positive customer feedback and growing customer satisfaction of the company’s products and several innovative measures taken by the company, sales gradually increased over the years with the company needing to expand rapidly to meet the increasing demand for the product. The company which started with a workforce of two employees only, is now employing twenty eight (28) persons, including foreign expatriate workers, in grades such as main operators, salesman, and administrative staff.


The enterprise owns and operates a factory at Royal Road, La Flora in the district of Savanne in the southern part of Mauritius island. Foods Worth Co Ltd’s core activity is to produce, process, transform and add value to local fresh tropical fruits, vegetables and primarily banana fruit into “Banana Chips”. The company has developed its own brand name which is called “Maubon” - Banana Chips”…, Maubon Pickles, etc

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