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Our Projects

As a manufacturer with a focus on sustainability, Maubon is dedicated to reducing waste and creating innovative products that have a positive impact on our environment. Our latest projects have pushed the boundaries of what is possible in the industry, and we are consistently exceeding expectations. Learn more about our work, and how we continue to develop new and exciting solutions for our clients.

Nanier Pas Jeter Concept - Zero Wastage 

Maubon made it a mission to have a zero-waste policy during the production of its banana chips. To achieve this, it has made use of the entire banana plant, making it one of the few brands to manufacture as such:


  • The fruit is used for the production of chips;

  • The flowers are exported to Asian Continent where they are used for consumption;

  • The peels are sent for compost production which are sold largely to planters and to supermarkets and shops;

  • The juice is extracted from trunk of the banana tree which is known for its numerous health benefits and which the brand aims to bottle and sell in the future;

  • The dried fibres are sold for the production of handicrafts; and

  • The oil used for frying the banana chips are recycled into biofuel.

Nanier Pas Jeter.jpg

Introduction of Eco-Friendly packaging (Paper Canister)

Maubon is the leading and sole manufacturing company in Mauritius to introduce and innovate paper-based canister to the market. Those paper containers are made from renewable resources such as paper and paperboard that provide distinct environmental sustainability credentials.

Paper Canister.png

Maubon Indian Cultural Centre

Maubon opened it’s very own “Maubon Indian Cultural Centre” at Grand Bois, Mauritius to provide quality education to children, further, Maubon hosts monthly events and also work actively to improve quality and motivation by encouraging local authorities for sponsorship to the students by showcasing their talent in Mauritius.

Paper Canister
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