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Mauritius #1 Agro-Processing
Food Manufacturer.

Foods Worth Co. Ltd was incorporated in 2012, boosting the production of banana from 5% to 96% around the island. Foods Worth Co. Ltd diversified its operations to include the processing, transformation, value addition and exports of local fresh vegetables and tropical fruits into various assortments of pickles.


Why                  ?

With sustainability at the core and responsible production practices, we are elevating your everyday snacking experience.

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We believe in a strong commitment to Quality, Innovation, and Customer Focus, Maubon produces a wide range of gourmet and specialty snacks and foods. 

Standards & Certifications 


" We all enjoyed this wonderful products.
Keep the excellent work.
God Bless JM" 

" It's best chips available in mauritius... soo tasty and miam cant get rid of it.. its almost 2 decade since am eating maubon banana chips.. The taste hasn't change a bit over the years. every bit of it remember me my childhood.. 

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍 " 

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" Mo fine passe l’usine et ti vraiment bien servi. Mo 1 fan so banana chips. The best on the island so far." 

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